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PingiBookStore is pleased to offer ABC-CLIO’s history reference comprising 625 ebook titles from ABC-CLIO. They all share a highly acclaimed interface, plus:

Own or Rent? That is the Question...

When signing up for a trial please make sure to add the initials LP in the Sales Rep section to insure best pricing and free workshops.

There are two ways to acquire ABC-CLIO’s eBooks: one-time purchase and subscription (renting).

Ownership: A one-time purchase price for an ABC-CLIO eBook, includes a license for unlimited, simultaneous usage for your Library’s users as well as hosting by ABC-CLIO. Hosting fees have been built into eBook pricing so there is no need to calculate separate fees. eBook pricing includes a minimum of 5 years of hosting. There will be low- or no-cost hosting options available at the end of the 5-year period. Customers can still purchase book/eBook bundles. Once you purchase an eBook from ABC-CLIO, you own the title.

Subscriptions: History Reference Online offers an annual subscription to a growing list of ABC-CLIO eBooks, at a significant discount off the list price of the individual titles. The subscription price is inclusive of hosting and quarterly additions of new titles. Subscriptions do not provide title ownership.

In either case, hosting is provided by ABC-CLIO at no additional cost beyond the price of the individual eBook(s) or subscription to History Reference Online.

Want to learn more about our eBook offering?

Would you like a free workshop or demonstration of ABC-CLIO's eBooks? We would be happy to visit your school or public library and give your staff a hands-on presentation of the eBooks, interface and answer any questions about how the one-time purchase and subscription programs work. Please call us at 617.661.0383 or email us to schedule a demonstration or workshop.

Don't just take our word for it, since 1989, over 400 New England Libraries have purchased through us.

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